Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Rage Against Florence + The Machine by Unlucky Fried Kitten (new album)

Track List

  1. The Seventies
  2. Alice Glass (she's my best friend)
  3. CJD
  4. Shop in The Precinct
  5. The Horror at the Belvedere Hotel
  6. Rage Against Florence + the Machine
  7. Little Things That Happen All The Time
  8. Piano Lessons Are Cancelled for Mary-Jane
  9. Hello Richie
  10. Welcome To Gravesend
  11. A Snapshot of Life
  12. My Ridiculous Neighbour

    So, this is the new Unlucky Fried Kitten album entitled RAGE AGAINST FLORENCE + THE MACHINE.  Here's how to get it. You can go to my PayPal button at the start of this blog (an earlier post) and just pay £5.00 which will include post and packing. Or I can just give you my e-mail for my PayPal and do it that way.  £5.00 is not a great deal of money (see my list below for things you can get for £5.00) For anyone purchasing in the Maidstone and Medway area it'll just be free delivery by hand, put through your letterbox. Instead of post and packaging it will be petrol and packaging. You get me? 

    Just look at it like I am playing Santa, but with a CD, and instead of a sleigh I am careering around Kent in a Sierra Azura. If you haven't got PayPal just pay me a fiver when I deliver

    Things You Can Buy For £5.00

    • 1.25 pints of premium lager
    • 5 x Twin-Pack Mars Bar Duo Bar (85g)
    • 1.89% of a 15w energy bulb
    • A signed copy of Katie Price's new autobiography
    • A hamster wheel
    • I'm bored now

      As an added incentive to make you buy this ground-breaking concept album (the concept being that I made it and you buy it) evey purchaser...yes...EACH & EVERY PURCHASER will be featured in a song on the NEXT album. How big your mention is depends on how many albums I sell. If I sell 50 to 60 copies, as estimated, you'll probably get an entire line in the song. If I sell about 5 copies you'll more than likely get your own verse. I've sold ONE copy so far, so, as it stands, that purchaser, if I sell no more, will have a whole song about him. (though my Mum did say she's gonna buy a copy)

      All buyers get listed on this blog too, with some wacky line written for them. You know, something like, if I was the buyer it might be something like 'Andy Fraser...the atomic Laser' and if, say, Jeremy Kyle buys one, it might be 'Jeremy Kyle...play the album and smile'  You got me?

      That's about it really except for a few tech notes about the album. 

      • all music by myself
      • all lyrics by myself
      • music recorded at Strangeways
      • Live vocal done at The Hub, (which is Ben Copland's studio...him behind fab electronica band Mooli)
      • Oh yeah, forgot to say, vocal was recorded in one live take cos I wanted it to come across as I would do it live. That's why the tracks all run into one cos I wanted it to be like a live show where my songs are usually met with, not wild applause but usually, a deafening wall of bewilderment and silence. 
      • my photos but art/covers arranged by Graham Semark
      • CD duplificated , duplified, duplimacated , copied at Cyclone in Medway City Estate

        I'll be making one more album which I'm half way through writing and it will be available in a few months. Then that's it. Not even gonna write any more songs. Getting rid of all my gear and buying my own little log-cabin. Throwing all my songbooks away, maybe into the river, from a bridge, to be like David Essex throwing his school-books away in Stardust. Or was it in That'll Be The Day?

        That's it then, fab people. I don't think I've missed anything. I'll be ruthlessly honest now...if I can sell 100 copies of this album I'll be a happy bunny
        Probberly a French Angora
        No, let's make it a German Dwarf Lop...they are so cute

        I always spell probably like that...for comic effect

        I hope the PayPal button works...let me know if there are any difficulties. 
        Don't forget that you can revisit this blog at any time to laugh at the low amount of CD's I've sold...3 or 4 lonely little names with their own wacky little one-liners. Sad...but with an air of ironic juvenile elitism

        Oh, and I might add the lyrics to this blog...if anyone can be bothered to request it

        See ya 

        Unlucky Fried Kitten

      • Oh...one more thing...don't forget that the 'UNLUCKY FRIED KITTEN PRESENT LOSERVILLE.COM' album is still available for the same remarkable price of £5.00 including postage and whatsnaming


        Here's a wonderful review from Lawrence Burton who lives in Texas. We met in the 80's as he explains in the review. I love the review, not just because it flatters my little creation, but also for it's majestic writing style